Soccer Nets

Goals4Sports offers a wide selection of Replacement Soccer Nets. Replacement Soccer Nets. All of our Soccer Goals come with a 3mm White Twisted Soccer Net, but you can always upgrade or replace them to 4mm, or 5mm soccer net.

These replacement soccer nets are used by Youth Leagues, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Parks & Recreation, Businesses, Towns, and Parents who just want to use them in their backyard for their children to use.

You can always look elsewhere for a better price, but we know you'll return to Goals4Sports for our brilliant customer service and low pricing.

Soccer Nets

Replacement Soccer Nets

Finding the right soccer net for your goal can be a challenge. Will they stand up against the hardest shots from your players and the toughest weather conditions in your area. Then there's twisted nets and braided nets... how do you choose?

Twisted vs Braided Soccer Nets

Soccer nets come in an many differed sizes, colors and shapes and types of material.  Depending on the type of material a net is made of, it can most definitely determine how long it will last. As like everything else the quality of the net can also effect the price. The better the quality the more expensive the soccer net can cost.

Least Expensive

Polyethylene soccer nets are the most common.  The twisted material is durable and dependable and you can find these in 2mm, 2.5mm or 3mm sizes and a full assortment of colors.  The 3mm size is quite popular and is provided with most of the Pevo soccer goals.  These nets feature a twisted material for their construction which is weather resistant and relatively stiff. They should last you 2-3 seasons as long as they are not misused or abused.

More Expensive

When you start getting into the 4mm, 5mm or 6mm options these are more expensive as they are braided and usually have a small hole size. Braided construction is very durable as it weaves the individual strands of material closer together.  You can find 4mm braided nets made out of polyethylene.  Although Polyethylene is not the only game in town.  If you really want the ultimate in durability soccer nets, then look at a material called High Tenacity Polypropylene or HTPP for short. These nets offer incredible durability and can last several years.  In addition to your standard 4mm nets you will also find hexagonal nets and multi-colored nets.

Save yourself time, energy, and money by exploring our selection of soccer nets, replacement netting, and accessories.

BULK ORDER SOCCER NET QUOTE (20 Nets or More): Please Call (401) 244-5951 or (401) 623-8300 during the hours of 9am-5pm eastern time for freight quotes or email us at Our goal is to reply within a couple of hours during business hours. However, please allow up to 1-business day.

If sending an email please include Net Style & Quantity as well as the City, State, and Zip Code of where the goal(s) would be shipped to.

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