PUGG Weighted Pop-Up Goals

Fully Integrated Weighted Base
Each of our All-Terrain Portable Soccer Goals feature a weighted base. This fully-integrated weighted sleeve provides maximum stability on all surfaces. You can now shoot anywhere without pegs, and you don’t have to worry about the goal flipping over or sliding around. The 3-peg system remains intact for anchoring to natural surfaces.

Heavy Duty Nylon Sleeve
Our weighted goals each come with a heavier-duty denier nylon base for areas that contact the ground. This thicker material provides added stabilization and greater durability. You can now play soccer on turf, concrete, or dirt without worrying about damaging the base sleeve.

We Use Steel not Fiberglass
Our unique single-piece-steel-wire construction is stronger and safer than any of the fiberglass models in the market. Fiberglass breaks and splinters easily. Our steel frame is more durable and flexible and nearly impossible to break.

Looking for Unweighted Lightweight PUGG Pop-Up Goals

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