F.A.S.T. Soccer System

Goals4Sports offers the F.A.S.T. Soccer System by Soccer Innovations which is the world’s most advanced soccer training system! F.A.S.T. stands for Field Awareness Sports/Soccer Training.

F.A.S.T. Soccer System F.A.S.T. Soccer System

FAST Soccer System

Welcome to the world's most advanced soccer training system! F.A.S.T. Soccer Training. F.A.S.T. stands for Field Awareness Sports/Soccer Training.

Use the F.A.S.T. System as you please, but it will arrive with numerous training exercises and programs to develop a players:

  • Field Vision
  • Improves their:
    • Speed of Play
    • Decision Making
    • and Composure.

F.A.S.T. Teaches:

  • Players the value of playing with their Heads Up before the ball arrives.
  • Teaches players how easy it is to utilize peripheral vision and head movement to see more and play faster.

Use FAST to Improve:

  • Peripheral Vision
  • Speed of Play
  • Technique under Pressure
  • Decision Making under Pressure
  • Composure on the ball in pressure situations.
  • FAST
    • is Coach Controlled and simple to use.
    • includes rechargeable batteries (Up to 2+ Hours), a custom carry bag, drill guides and video links.
    • is versatile: Use 2 to 6 wireless LED poles at any time.
  • Color Coded Light Poles and Wireless Coach Controlled Remote.
    • 3 White LED Poles and 3 Green LED Poles.
    • 6 button color coded Wireless Remote.
  • No Fiddle Coach Controlled Buttons turn light off automatically with press of another light's button.
  • Wireless with 60+ meter range.

Use FAST for:

  • Speed and Agility Training
  • Technique Training
  • Tactical Training
  • Individual Training
  • Team Training
  • GK Training
  • PK Training

Drill Guide included for

  • Passing
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Defending
  • Attacking
  • Finishing
  • & Fitness Drills for your team!

Turf Bases available as an add on for artificial surfaces. 

US & WW Patents Pending

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