Scrimmage Vests

Goals4Sports offers Scrimmage vests, also known as training vests, are sleeveless garments worn by sports teams during practice games/scrimmages and are lightweight and breathable. Scrimmage Vests | Training Vests

Our prices will surprise you as we feel they are the best on the internet. These scrimmage vests are used by coaches in Youth Leagues, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Parks & Recreation, Businesses & Towns.


Scrimmage Vests / Training Vests

Scrimmage vests are lightweight, sleeveless vests that are typically worn by sports teams during practice or scrimmage games. They are often made of mesh or other breathable materials and come in a variety of colors to distinguish between teams or players.

Scrimmage vests are commonly used in sports such as soccer, Lacrosse, football, and Field Hockey. Players need to quickly differentiate between their own teammates and opponents during practices. The vests provide an easy way to visually identify players on different teams, without the need for full team uniforms.

Overall, scrimmage vests are a practical and affordable option for sports teams to use during practice and scrimmage games. Scrimmage Vests provide a simple way to differentiate between players while allowing for maximum mobility and breathability.

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