American Football Goals

Goals4Sports offers American Football Goals for High School & Collegiate play. All our American Football Goals are NFHS & NCAA Compliant and made in the USA. These aluminum goals are used by Youth Leagues, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Parks & Recreation, Businesses & Towns. Always Low & Affordable Pricing!!!


American Football Goals

American Football Goals for high school and collegiate play are required to be NFHS and NCAA compliant. The following are the specifications for American Football Goals for high school and collegiate play: American Football Goals | NFHS & NCAA Compliant

  1. Crossbar:
    • The crossbar is required to be 10' above the ground and is 18' 6" wide.
    • In addition, the crossbar must be made of metal, fiberglass, or a similarly rigid material and must be painted yellow.
  2. Uprights:
    • The uprights are required to be at least 23' 4" apart and extend at least 30' above the crossbar.
    • Ideally, uprights are usually made of aluminum and are painted yellow or white.
  3. Ground Anchors:
    • The goalposts are securely anchored in the ground with ground sleeves and/or hinge kits.
    • For this reason, anchors must be buried in the ground and must be made of steel or a similarly strong material.
  4. Padding:
    • Above all, goalposts must be padded to a height of at least 6 feet above the ground.
    • The padding must be at least 4 inches thick and made of a shock-absorbing material.

Optional Accessories

  1. Wind Streamers:
    • Wind streamers are usually 4" wide and 42" long.
  2. Netting:
    • A net behind the goalposts is optional,
    • If used, it's usually made of a black or white, non-reflective material
    • Ranges from 30' H x 50' W to 50' H x 65' W.

It is important for football goals to meet these specifications to ensure player safety and fair play during games. Always review the NFHS & NCAA Rules and Guidelines.

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