How to Make a Pevo Soccer Goal

How to Make a Pevo Soccer Goal

Goals4Sports. Watch the Video of "How to Make a Pevo Soccer Goal". Making a Pevo Soccer Goal takes precision and hard work to get the Quality "YOU" deserve! LOW PRICES and...

How to Make a Pevo Soccer Goal

Goals4Sports shows you how a Pevo Soccer Goal - Making a Soccer Goal takes a lot of precision and hard work to get the Quality "YOU" deserve!

How to Make a Pevo Soccer Goal

Steps on making a Pevo Soccer Goal

  1. All Aluminum materials are measured and cut by hand.
  2. They are then welded with care & precision.
  3. After everything is welded, the frames are then sent to the in-house powder coating booth.
  4. The frames are then put into a large commercial oven to bake dry.
  5. The backstays, crossbar and ground bar of the soccer goal can then be assembled by hand, checked for perfection and sent to the field.


Each goal is securely boxed up and shipped out the customer via a freight trucking company. Additionally, some assembly is required upon arrival by the customer. However, assembly is easy, and it usually takes longer to get the backstays, crossbar & ground bar out of the boxes they are shipped in then it does to put the soccer goal together. A soccer goal can be assembled in 20-30 minutes depending upon experience.

Each Pevo Soccer Goal is shipped with the soccer net & clips to attach the net to the frame as well as ground anchors to secure in grass areas. When we ship our goals, you have everything needed to start your game on grass.


Although we do supply Corkscrew Ground Anchors for grass surfaces, some people also prefer to add the optional Anchor Sandbags or the Yellow Nova World Cup Anchors if they have inground sprinkler systems (These can also be used on artificial turf surfaces).

Of Course, if you have any questions: Please Call Goals4Sports @ (401) 244-5951 or (401) 623-8300 between 9 am-5 pm eastern time for freight quotes, email us at Our goal is to reply within a couple of hours during business hours. However, please allow up to 1-business day.

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