Multi-Touch Trainer

Goals4Sports is proud to offer the ⚽ MULTITOUCH TRAINING BALL ⚽ The Multi-touch Trainer is the only soccer skills training aid that forces you to develop a player's feet and goalkeepers' hands.

Multi-touch Trainer | Multitouch Training Ball | Soccer Skills Training Aid

Multi-Touch Trainer helps Soccer & Volleyball players get to the next Level.

Each Multi-touch Trainer is designed to get you thousands of game realistic touches with both feet or hands for goalkeepers. Its design forces the user to play with both feet equally while his/her hands are free and in a natural balanced position.

Players will work on their first and second touch skills while working on Fitness, Coordination, Balance, and Quickness of your feet. Your touch will improve through Self-Practice and Repetition.

Helping with things such as:


Multitouch Training Ball will always give feedback "Good" or "Bad" with every "Touch"!!!

Using the Multi-Touch Trainer

Having used these in my training camps for ages 8 through 18+ I have seen many players increase their touches and they enjoyed using them. The younger players take a few days to get used to using them. I would suggest having them hold the string about halfway up, so they do not tangle up their feet in the cord and make soft touches. Each player will master the use of the training ball at their own pace, so don't rush them.

Challenging the Player

Challenge them to stand still and beat their own touches on the ball. As they develop the ability to increase the number of touches, ask them to use various parts of the foot on the ball. For the players that are using it well with the various parts of the foot, have them start walking and make harder touches for distance and speed.

Goalkeepers can use them for multiple distribution methods.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Multitouch Trainer should be used around the waist only!  NEVER put the cord in the hand or around the neck or foot!  Only to be used by one player at a time! Younger players should have adult supervision.

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