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Football Goals and Accessories

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Football Goals and Accessories

Football goals are the two vertical posts and crossbar that players aim to kick or throw the ball into to score points during an American football game. These goals are typically made of aluminum, and their dimensions can vary based on the level of play.

In addition to the goals themselves, there are various accessories that can be used with football goals. The Gooseneck allows for the use of a soccer goal on the same field as a football game. Wind streamers can be attached to the goal posts to help players and fans determine the direction and strength of the wind. Ground sleeves are used to securely anchor the goal posts in place.

Other accessories include height adjusters for the ground sleeves, which can be useful for fields with varying levels of play. Access frames and covers can be used to protect the goal posts and keep them in good condition during periods of disuse. The hinge kit allows for easy installation and removal of the goal posts.

Overall, football goals and accessories play an important role in the game of American football, and they can be customized and adjusted to suit the needs of different levels of play and field conditions.

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