SS-2CAT All Terrain Field Paint Marking Machine


Goals4Sports offers the Sharp Stripe – 2 Can All Terrain Field Marking Paint Machine which sprays two cans of Dura Stripe at a time for an extra thick line on the turf.

Cut your Field lining time in half! The most important feature of the Sharp Stripe – 2 Can All Terrain Paint Machine is that it sprays using two cans and each can is slightly angled in opposite directions creating a V-pattern spray, thus hitting both sides of each blade of grass, leaving you the brightest line you’ve ever seen, created in half the time.

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Have you ever painted a sideline, looked back and thought to yourself; “What happened to the line I just painted?” I know I have.

Fact: When you use a normal paint striping machine the paint is actually only hitting one side of each blade of grass, therefore; it looks faint and you usually go back in the opposite direction which hits the other side of each blade of grass and now it looks good.

With the Sharp Stripe – 2 Can All Terrain your problem has been solved!!!

The Sharp Stripe – 2 Can All Terrain; is a durable heavy duty machine which holds 12 Aerosol cans for easy storage. This machine lays down the brightest white line and wont kill the grass.

End Result: The Best Sprayed Field Lines, with the Best Paint, using the Best Paint Machine, at the Best Price!

Why wouldn’t you purchase the Sharp Stripe – 2 Can All Terrain???


  • Easy Assembly
  • Heavy Duty Metal Design and Construction
  • Big 10″ All Terrain Wheels
  • Cross Handle
  • Locking Mechanism for Continuous Spray without pressing handle
  • Easy to Walk Behind
  • Rolls Smoothly producing a straight line
  • Fits whole case for storage
  • Sturdy, Compact and Easy to Use
  • Paints a field in half the time

Suggested Retail $249.95

Additional information

Weight20 lbs
Dimensions12 × 18 × 32 in

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