About Goals4Sports

My name is Steve Marmas the Founder of Goals4Sports. Goals4Sports is a family-owned & operated business which was started in 2006. I have played soccer at many levels and throughout my many years of coaching, have created an additional family of coaches and friends across the country. Please read about the Goals4Sports Mission. Goals4Sports is about providing the highest quality sport products and services to YOU our customer, and we deliver to your fields at the most affordable prices.

About Goals4Sports

The About Goals4Sports Mission is Simple:

  • Deliver Quality Products & Services
  • Treat ALL Customers with Respect
  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Why I started Goals4Sports

  • Have you ever been to a website, ordered something, and then wondered two or three weeks later:
    • “Where are those goals I ordered anyway?”
  • Then you call to inquire about your purchase, and you get even more aggravated.
    • No one contacted you to let you know that the product was on backorder
  • I was tired of dealing with companies that didn't respect their customers, and many of you have probably heard the saying...
    • "If you don't like it, do something about it."
  • Well I did do something about it!
    • Even though I was informed by some friends not to start this business, I did!
    • I was told I wouldn't be able to compete with the "Bug Guys" and that they would crush me
  • So how have I made this business successful?
    • A sale at Goals4Sports is all about QUALITY PRODUCTS, RESPECT and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

RESPECT: For our company to respect our customers, we need to show you the respect you deserve. You have taken the time to research the products that fit your needs. It would help if you got exactly what is being advertised at affordable prices. Goals4Sports respects that!

SATISFACTION: The sale is not complete until you have the product in your possession and you are happy with your purchase. Goals4Sports will follow up with you after sending you the product to ensure you have received it and that you are happy with your purchase.

A Satisfied Customer is a Happy Customer!

We want to thank you for taking the time to find out more about Goals4Sports and hope that you will allow us to prove that you, too, can be a returning Satisfied & Happy Customer of Goals4Sports. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to go to our Contact Us Page and drop us a line.

At Goals4Sports.com, we love sports and take pride in offering field equipment at the most affordable price we can. As much as we love soccer, we also realize that there are other sports out there that our customers love just as much. We have listened, and with our new site in 2020, we have to added more sports options for you to choose from.

Goals4Sports was founded on our love of coaching. As coaches ourselves, we understand the unique needs that go into training, so we only carry quality training equipment that we use too, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. If there's something you're looking for that isn't listed here, please contact us.

Thank You!

Steve Marmas
President & CEO

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