PUGG Pop-Up Goals

Born in Boston, Played Worldwide
Founded in 1994, Pugg® Company is a Boston-based business built on the back of what many consider the most revolutionary equipment contribution to soccer training for youth, the highly portable and durable PUGG® pop-up-goal. Watch the Pugg® Story

PUGG® is the Original
Invented and patented in 1994, the PUGG® Goal was the world’s first pop-up goal. Now, after countless imitations, PUGG® Goals remain the highest quality, highest rated, #1 choice in pop-up goals.

We use Steel not Fiberglass
Our unique single-piece-steel-wire construction is stronger and safer than any of the fiberglass models in the market. Fiberglass breaks and splinters easily. Our steel frame is more durable and flexible and nearly impossible to break.

Essential tool for coaches
Our lightweight, durable goals are preferred by coaches world-wide and have become an essential tool for soccer training. PUGG’s® ease of use and portablity allow coaches to setup multiple small fields in a matter of seconds.

Looking for Weighted PUGG Pop-Up Goals

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