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Silver: Sells Outlast - All Conditions

Silver: Sells Outlast - Designed for All Weather Conditions

As a goalkeeper you can never predict the weather conditions, especially if you live in the north east portion of the US. The Outlast Technology is a glove that can be used in all types of weather conditions.

Sells Goalkeeping Products the World’s leading goalkeeping specialist introduce the next generation in goalkeeping gloves, Exosphere Outlast® technology. Originally developed for NASA, Outlast® technology buffers temperature swings by absorbing excess body heat as it’s created then releases it when you experience a temperature change. Cold hands make for a miserable 90 minutes. Stay warm, dry and comfortable in gloves with Outlast® technology. By adapting to your hands temperature and buffering against the cold you can stay warm without overheating. Outlast® technology balances your temperature through the use of patented Thermocules® built onto the glove that absorb and store excess heat releasing it when you need it most. ...not too hot ...not too cold ...just right® Sells Exosphere Outlast® technology features in the Wrap Axis 360 Exosphere and Total Contact Exosphere Guard.

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Sells Silver: Outlast All Conditions  Sells Aqua: Wet Weather

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