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Aqua: Sells Wet Weather Goalkeeper Gloves
Aqua: Sells Wet Weather Goalkeeper Gloves

As a goalkeeper you can never predict the weather conditions, especially if you live in the north east portion of the US. The combination of the H20 Ultimate Advanced & Aqua Maxima Latex Technology makes the Aqua the glove to wear in wet weather conditions.

H20 Ultimate Advanced Latex Developed with our latex technicians in Germany this esoteric foam offers the ultimate grip in wet conditions. This special foam moulds to the contours of the hand and offers excellent shock absorption. The new latex formula retains water from pre-washing resulting in optimum grip throughout the game. Water is wicked away and does not form on the palm surface.
The Sells Aqua Maxima latex provides the goalkeeper with a second skin feel. This softer compound latex foam moulds to the shape of the hand and provides an excellent feel and touch to the goalkeeper. The latex tightly hugs the contours of  the hand providing a more contoured fit.

Junior Gloves Sizes 4, 5, 6, & 7

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Sells Silver: Outlast All Conditions  Sells Aqua: Wet Weather

Sells Gold: Durability  Sells Green: Hot Conditions Supersoft Coolmax  Sells Royal: Hardground

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