Striker Soccer Ball (Heading Trainer)


Goals4Sports offers the Striker 290 Gram Soccer Ball (Heading Trainer). Striking or heading a heavy soccer ball can be challenging, but we have a solution! The Striker, weighing 290 grams, is ideal for learning proper techniques without fear or pain.

  • Official size 5 soccer ball.
  • Available in Size 4 also
  • Weight is 290 grams.
  • Made with high quality materials including a high end textured outer casing.
  • Use to improve heading technique & confidence to head the ball.

Pricing is for a Single Soccer Ball


Discover the Striker Soccer Ball (Heading Trainer) at Goals4Sports, your premier source for soccer training equipment. Tackling the challenge of striking or heading a heavy soccer ball has never been easier with our specially designed solution. The Striker, boasting a weight of 290 grams, provides an optimal platform for mastering proper techniques without the fear of discomfort.

Striker Soccer Ball (Heading Trainer)

Empower aspiring players to enhance their skills with confidence using the Striker. Perfecting these techniques is essential for cultivating a well-rounded champion on the field. Allowing players to feel at ease and secure while executing precise attacks on crosses or intercepting opponents’ goal kicks.

Crucial skills come into play towards the end of a match when fatigue sets in and strategic long balls become the game-changer. Increase your chances of winning games, especially in the critical first and last 5 minutes of each half. The Striker’s efficient design ensures players can confidently head or strike the ball, making the decisive difference between victory and defeat. Elevate your soccer performance with the Striker Soccer Ball – your key to success on the field.

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Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 in
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Size 4 (U9, U10, U11 & U12), Size 5 (U13+)