Speed & Agility Kit

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Kit Includes:


  • Two agility ladders (5-meters long)
  • Six hurdles in three sizes (two 6″, two 9″ and two 12″)
  • Speed chute
  • Speed resistor
  • Speed harness
  • Reaction ball
  • Evasion belt
  • 10 SCX field cones
  • Carrying bag included

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Goals4Sports offers the Speed & Agility Kit: Improve your fitness, speed, & agility. Includes Agility Ladders, Hurdles, Speed Chut, Speed Resistor, Reaction Ball, Evasion Belt & Cones.

Speed & Agility Kit | Fitness, Speed, & Agility

Each of the eight different types of equipment targets a specific area of your training needs. When used in combination, they provide a comprehensive workout that will help you achieve your goals.

Speed & Agility Kit

  • Agility ladders are an excellent tool for improving lateral agility, foot speed, and coordination. In addition, they provide a challenging workout that forces you to move quickly and precisely.
  • Hurdles are another excellent tool for improving foot speed, coordination, and knee lift height. They are especially effective for athletes who participate in sports that require jumping or leaping, such as basketball or volleyball.
  • The speed chute is designed to help you maximize your top running speed by providing resistance while you run. This resistance forces your body to work harder, which can help you build strength and speed over time.
  • The speed resistor and speed harness require a training partner to apply resistance, which can help you improve your speed, acceleration, and explosiveness. These tools are especially effective for athletes who participate in sports that require short bursts of speed, such as football or soccer.
  • A reaction ball is a unique tool that randomly bounces off of any hard surface it touches. This unpredictability can help improve your reaction speed and hand-eye coordination, essential skills for athletes in all sports.
  • The evasion belt is designed to develop short-space explosive speed, agility, and reaction time. This tool is especially effective for athletes who participate in sports requiring quick direction changes, such as basketball or football.
  • Field cones are versatile tools that can be used for various drills, including agility, speed, and conditioning. They are essential for any athlete looking to improve their physical fitness.


Overall, the Champion Sports Speed Agility Kit is an excellent investment for anyone looking to improve their speed, agility, and overall physical fitness. With its comprehensive range of tools and drills, it provides a challenging and effective workout that will help you achieve your goals.

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