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Goals4Sports offers the Quick Feet Trainer which is the ultimate training tool for improving quick footwork with fast feet or as some say “Fast Footwork”. The Quick Feet Trainer is perfect for improving your one-touch game, accuracy, balance, ability to turn and overall coordination.

You won’t find another product on the market that will give you the amount of touches on the ball that the Quick Feet Trainer will give you (See Video Below).

You can use the Quick Feet Trainer for 15 minutes each day, and it will greatly improve your ball skills and reinforce muscle memory through continued repetition. Developing muscle memory is essential for accuracy & control of the soccer ball.

Work for 15 minutes and accomplish 1000 touches on the ball

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Quick Feet Soccer Training will take players to the next level with this proven ball skills training program, quicker than any other fast feet training method. The Trainer consists of a unique 6-sided rebounder unit and is aimed at the player wanting to develop their technique. The Coach is aimed at the users who want to get an instant score and feedback. Consisting of a Trainer, Coach App for your Smartphone or Tablet

  • Beginner: Start with Quick Feet Trainer which is the home and club practice version of the full-featured Quick Feet Coach.
  • Intermediate/Advanced: Upgrade to or purchase the Quick Feet Coach which provides you with ball-by-ball stastistics and instant feedback.
  • The Challenge: Upgrade to the Quick Feet Vision version to really challenge yourself and others

The panels are numbered 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 to help improve spatial awareness and communication in a game. It can be used indoors or outdoors and with the easy-to-assemble (5 minute assembly after initial set-up) Quick Feet Trainer, you can train anywhere, anytime.

  • Practice and perfect any turn required in real game play
  • You can even change the tension within each panel for variable ball return.
  • Before you know it you will be dribbling by players and passing the ball like the pro’s.

Quick Feet Coach

The new Coach works with the new Quick Feet App. With the app you can now track the players progress better and more accurately than any product available. The App will work on both the junior and the Quick Feet Trainer.

The app can measure accuracy, speed and weight of pass. It has features like, the history of all drills, league tables and export of the data. The App is free to download and is compatible for Apple and Android, phones and tablets.

Just 15 minutes practice every day with the patented Quick Feet Trainer system will dramatically improve ball skills – reinforcing muscle memory through repetition until the ball becomes an extension of your feet. With Quick Feet Trainer, you can play on your own, or in a group, cooperatively or competitively. The Quick Feet Coach helps you to measure your development.


Quick Feet Vision

The Quick Feet Vision is the perfect solution for making a player keep their head up in order to see the directions for their next pass. The Quick Feet Vision App will allow you to add a smartphone, iPad or android tablet. A player should always keep their head up to see where their next pass is going and the Quick Feet Vision will allow them to do this and take their training to a whole new level.

Important Note: You must have the Quick Feet Trainer & Quick Feet Coach prior to purchasing the Quickfeet Vision.

This is an unlockable feature in Quick Feet Coach App. Unlock Code will be sent via email.

Quick Feet Drill Builder

Want to be able to build your own drills? Now you can using the Quick Feet Drill builder.

The Drill Builder lets you create a drill for every player, using any combination of panels to test the players, as you want them tested. Once created, the Drill can be exported via the same Wi-Fi network. The player will need an unlock app if they are playing on a different device.

Important Note: You must have the Quick Feet Trainer & Quick Feet Coach prior to purchasing the Quick Feet Drill Builder.

This is an unlockable feature in Quick Feet Coach App. Unlock Code will be sent via email.

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