NFHS Green Tazmania Thermo Match Soccer Ball


Our Tazmania is a seamless Thermo Ball, exceeds FIFA Quality Pro specifications and is NFHS Approved.

  • NFHS Approved
  • FIFA Quality Pro Specifications
  • No Water Penetration! All Season Protection
  • Excellent Air Retention
  • Better Shape Retention
  • Super Soft Feel
  • Adjusting the inflation offers a different feel: Slightly less air makes a great youth ball. Slightly more air firms up the ball for the stronger and more mature player!
  • Order 20+ and have your color logo put on your balls for free!*
  • Restrictive Bladder™ keeps your ball soft for the lifetime of the ball by encasing the bladder and stopping it from pressing against the outcasing.
Pricing Listed is for a Single Soccer Ball


Goals4Sports sells the NFHS Green Tazmania Thermo Match Soccer Ball, a new age seamless ball. Its thermo molded design makes it durable and performance-focused. The ball doesn’t leak air or retain water, making it lightweight. Its seamless design improves aerodynamics for better play. The internal laminated Restrictive Bladder™ ensures perfect roundness and stops the ball from growing in size. These match balls are used in pro leagues worldwide. NFHS Green Tazmania Thermo Match Soccer Ball | NFHS Soccer Ball | Match Soccer Ball

The Thermo Ball Tazmania is both FIFA Quality Pro and NFHS Approved. It retains air and shape well, and feels soft. Inflation adjustments alter texture. Orders of 20+ balls come with a free logo. The Restrictive Bladder™ keeps the ball soft.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in
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Size 4 (U9, U10, U11, & U121), Size 5 (U13+)