Multi-Touch Trainer – Size 5


Goals4Sports now offers you the MultiTouch™ Training Ball which is a personal Size 5 skills trainer. Through multiple repetitions, MultiTouch™ can help develop first touch, fitness training, and basic/advanced coordination – including balancing skills while forcing the player to alternate right and left of his/her body. The Multi-touch Trainer is designed to get you thousands of game realistic touches with both feet or hands for goalkeepers.

The Multi Touch Skills Trainer is great for:

  • Basic and Advanced level training
  • Improving Touch, Technique, and Coordination
  • Building a Softer Touch on the ball
  • Learning the Correct Method of Striking a ball
  • Goal Keeper Training

IMPORTANT WARNING: Multitouch Trainer should be used around the waist only!  Never in the hand or around the neck or foot!  Only to be used by one player at a time!

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Multi-Touch Trainer - Size 5

Help get to “Your” next level with the Multi-touch Trainer

The Multi-touch Trainer from Goals4Sports is designed to help you take your soccer skills to the next level. It provides thousands of game-realistic touches with both feet or hands for goalkeepers. In fact, the trainer’s design forces users to play with both feet equally, while their hands are free and in a natural balanced position. This helps you improve your first and second touch skills, as well as your fitness, coordination, balance, and quickness. Your touch will improve through self-practice and repetition. Ultimately, the Multi-touch Trainer is the only soccer skills training aid that forces you to develop both feet evenly!

The Multi-touch Trainer is a great tool for improving your soccer skills. It can help you with:

  • First touch: The Multi-touch Trainer forces you to react quickly and control the ball with both feet. This will help you develop a soft, first touch that is essential for good ball control.
  • Passing: The Multi-touch Trainer can help you improve your passing accuracy and power. This will help you connect with your teammates and create scoring opportunities.
  • Shooting: The Multi-touch Trainer can help you improve your shooting accuracy and power. This will help you score more goals.
  • Dribbling: The Multi-touch Trainer can help you improve your dribbling skills. This will help you beat defenders and create scoring opportunities.
  • Fitness: The Multi-touch Trainer is a great workout that will help you improve your fitness. This will help you have more energy on the field and play at a higher level.
  • Coordination: The Multi-touch Trainer is a great way to improve your coordination. This will help you control the ball and make quick decisions on the field.
  • Balance: The Multi-touch Trainer is a great way to improve your balance. This will help you stay on your feet and make plays under pressure.
  • Quickness: The Multi-touch Trainer is a great way to improve your quickness. This will help you react quickly to the ball and make plays on the field.

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The Multi-touch Training Ball will always give you feedback, whether it’s “Good” or “Bad.” In fact, using the Multi-touch Training Ball consistently will increase your technical touches with every “Touch”!

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