Multi-Touch Mini Trainer


Goals4Sports now offers you the MultiTouch™ Mini Training Ball which is a Size 2 personal skills trainer. Through multiple repetitions, MultiTouch™ can help develop first touch, fitness training, and basic/advanced coordination – including balancing skills while forcing the player to alternate right and left of his/her body. The Multi-touch Trainer is designed to get you thousands of game realistic touches with both feet or hands for goalkeepers.

The Multi Touch Skills Trainer is great for:

  • Basic and Advanced level training
  • Improving Touch, Technique, and Coordination
  • Building a Softer Touch on the ball
  • Learning the Correct Method of Striking a ball
  • Goal Keeper Training

IMPORTANT WARNING: Multitouch Trainer should be used around the waist only!  Never in the hand or around the neck or foot!  Only to be used by one player at a time!

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Help get to “Your” next level with the Multi-touch Trainer

The Multitouch Mini Trainer is designed for players to work on advanced skills. The smaller ball is more challenging to strike the ball cleanly allowing the player to work with more precision. Its design forces the user to play with both feet equally while his/her hands are free and in a natural balanced position. Players will get work on all of their first and second touch skills while working on Fitness, Coordination, Balance, and Quickness of your feet. Your touch will improve through Self-Practice and Repetition.

Goalkeepers can work with the smaller ball with both their feet and hands to improve their ball awareness.

The Multi-touch Trainer is the only soccer skills training aid that forces you to develop both feet evenly!!

What will the Multi-touch Trainer help you with?


The Multitouch Training Ball will always give feedback to you, “good” or  “Bad” with every “Touch”!!!

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

Gold, Red & White, Neon Yellow, Orange