Hand Held Rebounder | Goalkeeper Rebounder


Weight 8.0 lb


Goals 4 Sports is proud to offer the Portable Hand Held Rebounder also known as the Goalkeeper Rebounder. This Hand Held Rebounder with it’s two builtin handled make it easy to handle and is a must for any player, coach or parent working with goalkeepers. A great lightweight and durable rebounder for any training session.

With this Hand Held Rebounder you can work on reation training to deflect balls for pop-ups, flighted balls, low and high angle diving saves, bouncing balls, ground balls, punching amd much, much more.

Although this Hand Held Rebounder was designed for goalkeeper training it can also be used by any other player to improve technique on 1st touch, receiving high balls, heading, volleys, reation shots on goal and much more.

An exciting way to improve your training session and small enough to take with you to any practice or tournament to warm up before a match. The amount of variations to use this portable rebounder goes as far as your imagination.

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Weight 9 lbs