Discover Goal Taxi: The ultimate solution for effortless sports goal transportation. Revolutionizing equipment movement with unmatched efficiency and safety.

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Goals4Sports is proud to Introduce the Goal Taxi: The ultimate solution for effortless sports goal transportation. Revolutionizing equipment movement with unmatched efficiency and safety. Let’s Roll – 360°. Goal Taxi changes how sports gear is transported. Our adaptable dolly system moves any goal with top efficiency and safety. From sports goals to player benches, shelters, and bleachers, Goal Taxi handles it all with ease.

Goal Taxi | Dolly System | Effortless Goal Transportation | Let's Roll - 360°

Goal Taxi

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Goal Taxi prioritizes the protection of both artificial and natural turfs, ensuring your playing surfaces remain in pristine condition. Trusted by Athletic Directors, maintenance departments, field managers, coaches, and players alike, our dolly system boasts unmatched ease of use, flexibility, and top-tier quality.

Experience the difference – proudly manufactured in the USA and backed by a stellar 100% satisfaction rating. Upgrade your goal transportation process today with Goal Taxi.


Prioritizing goal safety is paramount. Educating coaches, players, parents, and fans on this matter is crucial. Despite the fact that there are over half a million soccer goals in the US, a considerable number of them still remain unsafe due to instability or inadequate anchoring. Furthermore, movable goals present tipping risks, particularly when children climb or hang on them. We urge you to discuss goal safety thoroughly with your teams and staff. Below, you’ll find safety standards information and useful links.


  • For transporting and relocating only, not storage.
  • Do not store equipment on Goal Taxi.
  • After moving goals, ensure they’re secure to prevent tipping.
  • Avoid leaving goals on Goal Taxi for long.
  • Compatible with all  Pevo Soccer Goal and Bleachers

Certainly, should inquiries arise, they can be directed to Goals4Sports via phone at (401) 244-5951 or (401) 623-8300 during 9 am – 5 pm Eastern Time for freight quotes, or alternatively, via email at Info@Goals4Sports.com. Our aim is to respond promptly within business hours, typically within a couple of hours. However, we kindly request allowing up to 1-business day for a reply.

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Additional information

Weight 98 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 8 in


Each set of Goal Taxi's will be delivered in two separate boxes Single box dimensions 50" x 10" x 8" Each box weight is 49 lbs


Will Goal Taxi fit older soccer goals?
  • Yes it will. We designed Goal Taxi to fit the round and square goals - and - if the goals were modified with wheel add-ons
Will Goal Taxi Ruin my turf?
  • No! The pneumatic wheels are soft and will not ruin your turf - we're about preserving the turf.

  • You can, of course, use Goal Taxi on rough surfaces as well to get the goals inside if stored over the winter - in areas that have a winter!


Assembly Instructions & Video


Limited Warranty

Universal Goal Movers, LLC (UGM) warrants Goal Taxi goal movers against defects in workmanship and material for one year, from the invoice date. Normal deterioration due to weather, wear and tear or other causes that do not affect functional use are not covered by this warranty. We do not warrant Goal Taxi's safe and useful life to be greater than ten years. Alteration or modification of the product voids any warranty. UGM & Goals4Sports reserves the right to repair, replace or refund, as appropriate. This limited warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability. UGM and Goals4Sports shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages of any nature. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights which vary from state to state. All warranties are valid only when the product is used in the intended application as outlined in the products printed literature and when installed/assembled in accordance with instructions. If instructions are not provided, view our instructions tab

Safety Standards


The CPSC is responsible for protecting the general public from unreasonable risks of injury and/or death that can be associated with the use of various kinds of consumer products. In regard to soccer goal safety, the CPSC has established very specific guidelines for the installation, use and storage of full-sized, movable soccer goals. These guidelines are a genuine effort to help prevent future deaths and serious injuries that can result from soccer goal accidents.  The CPSC also hopes that these guidelines will continue the effort to raise awareness regarding the dangers associated with unanchored soccer goals and soccer goal misuse. The guidelines are published in a handbook as well as via a printable PDF document which can be found following this link.


ASTM International is an organization similar to the CPSC but operates on a global scale. Over 12,000 global ASTM-set standards are currently in operation. These standards are designed to help build consumer confidence by creating stronger product quality, enhancing health and safety standards as well as increasing access to trade. 

ASTM International has developed two main standards in relation to soccer goal safety:

1. ASTM F2950-14 (Safety and Performance Specification for Soccer Goals) This standard establishes that any and all soccer goals weighing more than 40 lbs. are required to follow specified anchoring instructions in an effort to reduce injury and fatality.

2. ASTM F1938-98
The scope of this standard applies to creating safer use of movable soccer goals by requiring the appropriate pegs/stakes are utilized in securely anchoring goals.


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Goals4Sports Customer Service is ready to help you from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST. To avoid mistakes or confusion you may contact: Info@Goals4Sports.com. Please verify the accuracy of your order particularly as to shipping instructions and quantities. Customers are responsible for all freight charges plus a restocking charge up to 20% to cover cost incurred in correcting inaccurate orders. Please note: If you are a school using a Purchase Order a copy of the purchase order must be emailed to Info@Goals4Sports.com.