Foldable Sideline Markers


Foldable Self-standing markers with weighted bottoms and numerals.

  • Stores Flat
  • Natural/artificial turf-friendly
  • Numbers 13″H
  • Color: Orange

Product Dimensions: 15″W x 15″H x 13″D

Sold as 1 Set

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Goals4Sports offers Foldable sideline markers come in a set of 11. The markers are self-standing with weighted bottoms to keep them in place and are bright orange for visibility.

Foldable Sideline Markers

Foldable Sideline Markers

One of the benefits of these markers is that they are designed to be easy to store. Not to mention, they can be folded up and stored flat when not in use. Additionally, they are designed to be friendly to both natural and artificial turf surfaces, so they should work well on various playing fields.

The numerals on these markers are large, measuring 13 inches in height. This should make them easy to see from a distance, which can be helpful for players, coaches, and officials on the field.

The markers are also orange, a standard for sideline markers in many sports. The product dimensions are 15″ in width, 15″ in height, and 13″ in depth.

Overall, these foldable sideline markers are helpful for any sports team or organization that needs to mark out yard lines or other important points on the field.

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Additional information

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in


The Foldable Sideline Markers will be shipped via UPS or FedEx


The Foldable Sideline Markers come with a 1-Year Limited Warranty.