Fully Customizable Shelter:
Maximize the look and function of your team shelter to your club, school or even by promoting your team sponsors

Extremely Weatherproof:
Whether the weather is down-pouring with rain, hot, cold and/or windy, the MVP Team Shelter is Extremely Weather-Proof.

Can be Used on Grass, Artificial Turf or Any Type of Flat Surface:
Team Shelters are a great way to protect your players coaches and referee’s from the elements of the day

Select your color and options from the various options below.

SKU: G4S-1000


Goals4Sports offers a Custom Team Shelter that you can SAVE Over $500. With its New Stronger Frame and Easier Setup, the Custom MVP IV Stadium Sports Team Shelter just keeps improving with its strength and designs. Superior Quality and Low Pricing our MVP Team Shelter is a great way to protect your players and coaches from the harsh elements. Whether rain, cold or hot sun, our soccer shelters are the answer. Available in 7 different colors with a 600D polyester UV-protected high-grade material, our vibrantly colored covers are completely protected against sun damage and discoloration.


The MVP IV Team Shelter is the most versatile team shelter on the market and to make things even better and to maximize the look and function of your shelter, we offer Team Shelter covers that are fully customizable to your institution and sponsor’s needs. We offer features such as logos on banner material, logo/artwork on direct print to canvas, windows, zip off-sides, customize inside or outside of cover, removable cover, wheel kit, optional bench addition, front rain guard attachment, rear wind flap, mesh airflow inserts & more.

Each premier sports shelter includes a free wheel kit and artificial turf or natural grass anchoring systems for a completely suitable soccer ground. Our team shelters have been produced to be extremely weatherproof and endure adverse weather without damage occurring, whether you find yourself in hot or cold weather, the tough 600D Polyester cover will effectively shield your players and guarantee that they will be comfortable and safe on the soccer ground.

MVP IV Sports Team Shelter Features:

  • Available in 7 school colors. (Custom colors available upon request)
  • Stocked Marine Grade UV Protected Colors: Red, Black, Charcoal, Navy, Royal, Green, Maroon.
  • Add side zippers and back zippers and roll up for more airflow.
  • ADD
    • Windows
    • Your team’s logos, sponsors & more!
    • NEW Mesh Wind-Flap!
    • Clear Rain Blocker
  • Available in Turf & Grass Models (or both)
  • Referee / Scorekeeper Shelter Available (8.5′ Wide)
  • Easy to Move with Tilt Action Wheel Kit Included
  • 5-Year Frame Warranty Included
  • Simple Anchoring System Included for Grass & Turf Applications
  • Replacement Covers Available for Purchase – Lifetime Frame Guarantee
  • Removable Cover with Quick Release Bungee Ties
  • Cover is 600D Polyester and UV Protected High-Grade Boat Cover Material for all Weather Protection

USED BY: UNC, Alabama A&M, Wake Forest, Brookhaven College, Adidas, Pepsi, Powerade & hundreds of High Schools and Colleges across the country.

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Additional information

Select Color:

Black, Burgundy, Charcoal Grey, Forest Green, Navy Blue, Red, Royal Blue

Choose Variation (Required):

None, Windflap ($479.95), Windflap + Full Side Zippers + Side Windows ($$929.95), Windflap + Side Zippers ($729.95), Windflap + Side Windows ($679.95), Rear Windows ($189.95), Rear Zippers ($189.95), Rear Windows and Zippers ($359.90)

Choose 3" Nameplate Personalization:

No Text or Logo on Nameplate, Add Text (79.95), Add Logo (79.95)

Logo Print Material:

No Logo's, Side Logo's Direct Print ($249.95), Back Logo Direct Print ($304.95), Side Logo's and Back Logo ($534.90), Side Logo Vinyl Banner (179.95), Back Logo Vinyl Banner ($179.95), Side Logo's and Back Logo on Vinyl Banners ($339.95)



5 Year Frame Warranty

Limited Warranty MVP Team Shelter

Soccer Innovations (“SI”) warrants every manufactured MVP II, MVP III Team Shelter and REF Shelter frame (collectively, “MVP Frame”) to be free from material or manufacturing defects under a limited warranty from the date of purchase. Warranties excludes bungees, augers, canvas bags, nuts and bolts, rebar stakes and/or cosmetic appearances such as scratches, chips, dings, etc. which are typically caused by normal use and wear. Warranty extends to the original owner of the MVP Frame and is not transferable. Warranty for the MVP Frame is for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.

SI warrants every SI manufactured MVP Team Shelter Polyester Cover (“MVP Cover”) to be free from material or manufacturing defects under a limited warranty from the date of purchase. Warranty excludes bungees, augers, canvas bags, nuts and bolts, rebar stakes and/or cosmetic appearances such as scratches, fading, etc. which are typically caused by normal use and wear. Warranty extends to the original owner of the MVP Cover and is not transferable. Warranty for the MVP Cover is for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. Your MVP Cover should last year in and year out if it is taken down between seasons and stored properly. Defective parts will be replaced or repaired as necessary to restore the MVP Frame. At the discretion of SI evidence of abuse, including misuse or modification to the original design, such as physical reshaping or drilling additional holes, will void all warranty implied. Additionally, the use of attachments or accessories that cause excessive stress will void all warranty claims.

In the interest of product improvement and consumer safety, SI reserves the right to make changes in product design and specifications without notice. Damage caused by mishandling, abuse, improper setup or modification of the product is not covered and will void the warranty. SI makes no other warranty, either expressed or implied, except as stated above. To the extent permitted by applicable law, SI shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages or expenses of any kind or sort, whether relating to or resulting from personal injury, property damage or otherwise.

This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Unless prohibited by applicable law, this limited warranty extends only to you, the original purchaser, and is not transferable. Please contact SI at (877) 757-9255 for a concerns, instructions or related matters. Transportation and insurance charges for the return of any MVP Frame or MVP Cover are not covered under the terms of this warranty and are the responsibility of the owner.

ADVISORY: During threat of high winds, the MVP Team Shelter should be disassembled or put in a safe secure area with the cover removed. MVP Team Shelters should be anchored at all times. Acts of God & weather damage are not covered by the MVP limited warranty.


Do not attempt to move the MVP Team Shelter in high winds. Tip shelter to engage wheels with at least 2 qualified personnel. Use extreme caution when tipping to engage wheel system.

Move the MVP Team Shelter with at least two qualified people/personnel. Shelters must be properly anchored and weighted when in use and must not be left unattended & unanchored with covers on to prevent any accidental damage/flipping. Make sure your MVP Shelter is anchored on level ground for proper anchoring and safety.

We strive to provide the best equipment to secure and protect your MVP Team Shelter, but we know each geographic location has different weather conditions and we recommend using your best knowledge to protect your investment in your location.

Anchoring we provide is a minimum. You may anchor additionally as you see fit. Soccer Innovations™ is not responsible for improper anchoring, unqualified set-up, failing to remove covers in high winds/gusts of wind or any damage from weather. The MVP Team Shelter must be put in a secure location when there is a threat of possible high winds or not in use.


MVP Team Shelter Repair Form

Set-up Instructions

MVP User Instructions


MVP Team Shelter with LED Lights

MVP Team Shelter with sides zipped off | Stadium Bench Cover

MVP Team Shelter with sides zipped off | Stadium Bench Cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About the MVP Team Shelters

We've gathered some questions and answers about the team shelters to help you decide how to customize your portable soccer shelter.

How Long Does It Take to Custom-Make Soccer Bench Shelters?

The in-house custom soccer bench shelters take three to six weeks to make to your specifications.

What Options Are Available on Your Custom Soccer Team Shelters?

We have a wide range of available options, making our soccer team shelters extremely customizable. You may choose to add:
  • Windows.
  • Team & sponsor logos and artwork.
  • Mesh wind flap.
  • Clear rain blocker.
  • Replacement covers.
  • Bench addition.

What Comes Included with the Purchase of the MVP Soccer Team Shelters?

Our high-quality MVP Team Shelter comes with everything you need to shield those on the field from climate and weather, including:
  • Tilt action wheel kit allowing easy transport.
  • Anchoring system.
  • Quick-release removable cover.
  • Five-year frame warranty.

Will the MVP Team Shelter withstand high winds?

Customer Question

Hello. I am a member of my school's sports booster organization. We would love to get our soccer teams some bench shelters. How can these be kept safe in wind while keeping our new facility undamaged? The anchoring system is what concerns us. Our field is located in quite a windy location. We have a brand new natural grass soccer field contained on the inside of a new track. There is a substantial drainage structure beneath the field. We would like to be knowledgeable about acceptable anchoring systems prior to submitting our proposal to school administrators.


  • To prevent the MVP team shelter's flipping, we strongly suggest you get the wind flap and side zippers (remove the whole side panel). This will help the airflow through the MVP team shelters and prevent it from being easily flipped with mild winds.
  • We also send an anchoring kit for all MVP frames. By the sounds of it, you should get the turf anchoring kit which consists of big turf bags to hold down the frame. The turf anchoring kit can be hooked to the frame at the back corners on each side. So, nothing will be anchored down in the grass, causing damage to the drainage system you installed.
  • We highly suggest you remove the cover after every game or whenever it is not used to ensure these concerns. The frame is heavy itself, and then you add the sandbags to anchor it down with no cover, making it almost impossible to lift.
  • I would chain the frame to a fence with the cover(s) off to ensure the frame isn't going anywhere.
  • If you follow these guidelines, your facility should not be damaged.

Start Customizing a Soccer Team Shelter Today

Make game day enjoyable and show team spirit with the MVP sports shelters. Our soccer team shelters are made of long-lasting, marine-grade boat cover material to withstand harsh climates and weather.Contact us today for a mock-up or detailed quote!