Bungee Ball Cords


Goals4Sports offers both the 6″ & the 9″ Bungee Ball Cords which are designed to attach the Soccer Net to the soccer goals wherever required. Each of our bungees are UV Resistant with our Polyester Enclosing Fabric. Material made of Virgin natural rubber bungee strands for improved and outstanding performance

Attaching the Bungee Cord:
The bungee balls is simple to use by pulling each end of the bungee cord strong enough to wrap around the goal and pull over the ball.

Removing the Bungee Cord:
The bungee ball can easily be removed by pulling the bungee cord over the ball to free it from the goal

  • 6′ & 9″ Bungee Cords with ball
  • UV Resistant Polyester Enclosing Fabric
  • Virgin natural rubber bungee strands for superior performance
  • Can be easily attached and removed from the soccer goals to attach and remove your soccer

Goal Anchors (Optional)

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Weight 1 lbs



6", 9"