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Quick Feet Coach Upgrade

Quick Feet Coach Upgrade
Quick Feet Coach Bluetooth UnitHomepage of the app. The app is connected to the QF Trainer via a series of sensors and Bluetooth box, which are simple to install.Select your drill, amount of sets and players, and you’re ready to go!The directions on what panel to pass to are given verbally, via your phone/tablet.Visually is available via Quick Vision App, at a small charge. Instant feedback is given from the Quick Feet CoachView leader boards of the best scores recorded by each player, with the option to export all data. Perfect for tracking progress of players, nothing motivates a player more than seeing their progress. Be able to see each drill before you play them!Available on the Applpe Store & Google Play
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Goals 4 Sports is proud to offer the Quick Feet Coach Upgrade which is the ultimate ball skill electronic training system developed by coaches for coaches. The Coach comprises of a set of sensors and a Blue Tooth box to be used on your existing Quickfeet Trainer

Quick Feet Coach uses the technology of voice commands, allowing a faster way to improve your ball skills. Each player can receive result sheets which will give constant Statistics and feedback on a players performance. Quick Feet Coach enables you to track your progress on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Coaches and players will see a dramatic increase in close ball work and decision-making using the Quick Feet Coach program.

Quick Feet Coach’s programmable control console integrates with the Quick Feet Trainer to give audio cues and assess the speed and accuracy of a players response. The programmable unit comes with 10 built-in drills that allows practice of up to 90% of on the ground angled passes you would need in a game. You can even create your own bespoke drills.

The Voice Commands tell you where to pass and respond with a positive or negative sound based upon whether you hit the target zone or not. At the completion of each activity you will receive instant feedback and the unit will announce high scores.

Due to the control console being battery-operated, anyone can set up the Quick Feet Coach in places such as a;
  • Gym Floor
  • Soccer Field
  • Indoor Soccer ComplexPark
  • Beach
  • Backyard
  • Basement
For instant results all you need to do is take the memory card from the control console and pop it into your computer which will then make all the drill info available to you. We have produced easy to read results data, so you can track every player and even print out this important information.

Track and Analyse your progress as you use the Quick Feet Trainer and Before you know it, you will be dribbling by players and passing the ball like the pro's.

Included with the Quickfeet Coach Upgrade:

  • Coach Upgrade Box
Retail Price $200
Dimensions: 9'5" x 8'1" and 31lbs (288cm x 246cm and 12kgs)
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