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Power Jumper

Power Jumper
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Goals 4 Sports offers the Power Jumper which is padded around the neck for a comfortable feel and workout.

Why use the Power Jumper?

How many times have you as a player been beat when going to head the ball,  or as a keeper been beat to the ball by someone who is jumping higher than you as you try to grap the ball.

Reduce the amount of times you get beat and watch your vertical jump for the ball, increase your heading oppportunities or grabing the ball as the keeper with the Power Jumper.

The Power Jumper slips over both feet and wraps comfortably around your shoulders and neck or outstretched arms for an explosive plyometric vertical jump and leg strength training.

A great tool to be used for strengthening the leg for more powerball passing and shots on goal. There is nothing worse than taking a shot on goal and having NO Power behing the ball or trying to make a long high pass and it doesn't go anywhere near your target.

Caution Please Note:
Just like any new exercise, consult a doctor or a personal trainer for proper use of the Power Jumper. Improper use of this equipment can result in injury. Players should begin all exercises slowly until the exercise can be done without risk of falling or tangling in the band. Strength training is not meant for everyday, as your body's muscles need adequate rest to repair. Use the Power Jumper no more than two to three times per week, with rest days in between.

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Suggested Retail Price $8.99
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