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Aqua Stripe #10 ZERO VOC Concentrate Field Marking Paint

Aqua Stripe #10 ZERO VOC Concentrate Field Marking Paint
Aqua Stripe #10 Concentrate in a one (1) Gallon BucketStep 1: Open bucket and stir the paintStep 2: Pour one gallon of AQUA STRIPE #10 super concentrate athletic field marking paint in a 5 gallon bucket.Step 3: Add Four gallons of water to one gallon of AQUA STRIPE #10 concentrate.Step 4: Stir thoroughly to mix the paint and water mixture before spraying. It will mix easily and will not settle even when the mixed paint is stored for a week.Step 5: Use any type of bulk spray airless or electric machine to easily spray the diluted paint. Yields BRIGHT WHITE, DURABLE CRISP LINES.
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Goals 4 Sports offers the Aqua Stripe #10 ZERO VOC Concentrate Field Marking Paint which is the same as the Aqua Stripe #10 except that it has " ZERO " VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS ( VOC's ). 

The Aqua Stripe #10 ZERO VOC Concentrate Field Marking Paint comes in a one (1) gallon bucket and can be mixed with up to five (5) parts water to one (1) part concentrate, in any field marking paint machine.

Super Concentrated Bulk Athletic Field Marking Paint used by professional painters, schools, clubs, colleges & university's that have the industrial paint spraying machines.

AQUA STRIPE # 10 Zero VOC. Same super properties as AQUA STRIPE #10 but specifically formulated to have ZERO VOC's. Good for the environment. 

White, Bright, Durable athletic field lines painted with paint containing "ZERO" VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS ( VOC's )
AQUA STRIPE #10 concentrate is a good selection saving on shipping costs, storage space and yielding a very low cost of $5.99 per gallon of the diluted paint.

Call (401) 244-5951 or (401) 623-8300 for a freight quote
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