4-Panel Permanent Baseball/Softball Backstops



  • 4 Panel
  • 4 Panel Plus 2-Center Overhangs
  • 4 Panel Plus 2-Center Overhangs and 2-Wing Overhangs


Looking for a hi-quality baseball/softball backstop? Check out Goals4Sports for their 4-panel permanent baseball/softball backstops. Get your perfect fit today!

4-Panel Permanent Baseball/Softball Backstops

  1. 4-Panel Backstop:
    • The 4-panel backstop is comprised of a center panel, two side panels, and a top panel spanning the entire width.
  2. 4-Panel Plus 2-Center Overhangs:
    • The 4-panel backstop is augmented by two center overhangs extending from the top panel to increase coverage and protection.
  3. 4-Panel Plus 2-Center Overhangs and 2-Wing Overhangs:
    • The most comprehensive backstop offered is the 4-panel with 2-center and 2-wing overhangs, providing additional coverage and protection. Additionally, it includes the same 4 panels and 2 center overhangs as the previous option.

Constructed from durable materials such as steel, aluminum, or galvanized steel, these backstops are designed for permanent installation.

In any event, a Goals4Sports Representative will need to be contacted for a freight quote, regardless of which configuration you choose.

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Of Course, if you have any questions: Please Call Goals4Sports @ (401) 244-5951 or (401) 623-8300 between 9 am – 5 pm eastern time for freight quotes, email us at Our goal is to reply within a couple of hours during business hours. However, please allow up to 1-business day.

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4 Panel, 4 Panel with 2-Center Overhangs, 4 Panel with 2-Center Overhangs & 2-Wing Overhangs