3-Panel Permanent Baseball/Softball Backstops



  • 3 Panel
  • 3 Panel Plus 1-Center Overhang
  • 3 Panel Plus 1-Center Overhang and 2-Wing Overhangs


Goals4Sports offers permanent baseball and softball backstops for 3-panel backstop configurations. Safeguard your players and spectators with our 3-panel permanent baseball/softball backstops. Pick from basic, center overhang, or 2 wing overhang options.

Not to mention. Our Permanent Baseball and Softball Backstops are competitively priced and widely popular among Youth Leagues, Schools, Colleges, and more.

3-Panel Permanent Baseball/Softball Backstops

Additionally, it should be noted that durability and long-lasting protection for the field can be provided by a permanent backstop. Investing in a permanent backstop ensures player and spectator safety. The option with wing overhangs is suitable for larger fields.

3-Panel Backstops

  • 3-panel backstop fence: This option includes three separate fence panels that can be installed permanently to create a sturdy backstop. In addition; It provides basic protection from foul balls and overthrows and is a good choice for smaller fields or budgets. Player safety is enhanced by the additional protection for the catcher and home plate area provided by a center panel overhang.
  • 3-panel backstop fence with 1 center overhang: This option adds an overhang to the center panel, which provides additional protection for the catcher and home plate area. This is especially true for fields with high-speed pitching or a higher probability of foul balls.
  • 3-panel backstop fence with 1 center overhang and 2 wing overhangs: This option adds additional overhangs to the two side panels, providing even more coverage and protection for the field. Therefore, it is a good choice for larger fields or those with a higher level of play.

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