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Preventing Goal Tip Overs with Goal Alert
Preventing Goal Tip-Overs: A Checklist
  • Anchored: Policies don’t protect kids. Anchors do
  • Obvious: You need to know when it isn’t working.
  • Practical: Fast & easy, no reason to circumvent or forget.
Example: Seat Belts
  • Anchored: Seat belts are anchored.
  • Obvious: Audio alert for unfastened belts.
  • Practical: Belts are quickly, easily engaged & disengaged.
What isn’t working:
Type Anchored Obvious Practical
Augers* Yes (Caution not to
re-use the same hole.)
Not clear when they’ve
been disconnected or
Difficult and time
consuming to move
(especially when
Stakes* Changing soil quality
(overnight rain) can
reduce the holding
power to that of a
toothpick in a cake.
Not clear when
soil quality reduces
holding power or when
they’ve been removed.
Require hammers
to properly install.
Difficult to dislodge
(if holding properly.)
Sandbags* Holding power is
limited to the weight
of the bag, which is not
enough in high winds
or if large children climb
on the goal.
Not obvious if they’ve
been moved.
*All three can be easily removed by unauthorized persons.

The Goal AlertTM System.
Anchored: Obvious: Practical:
Permanent below-grade anchors, with click-in locks. A red flag signals loss of ground contact. Disconnecting and reconnecting takes 3 seconds.
Additional anchors enable multiple field configurations.

Goal Alert Movement

Goal Alert Signage

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