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Goal Alert | Soccer Goal Safety | Anchoring Soccer Goals
Goal Alert | Soccer Goal Safety | Anchoring Soccer Goals Goal Secure Anchoring System Goal Secure Auger & Dock

Soccer Goal Safety is a Huge Concern for Everyone. Goals 4 Sports is proud to have partnered with Goal Alert ™ and Goal Secure to offer the perfect solution for Goal Safety. This is a Lockable Anchoring System by Goal AlertTM which is easily installed, easily configured controlled system for anchoring your Soccer Goals, Benches and much more...  

ARE YOUR SOCCER GOALS ANCHORED & SECURED? Why wait until your community is affected? Put safety first; Goal Alert is a life preserver for your soccer goal! Safety is your responsibility.

With Goal Alert and Goal Secure, it’s everyone’s!

Goal AlertTM is a fail-safe device that monitors goal-to-ground contact. Anchored: Permanent below-ground anchor with click-in locks. Obvious: A Red Flag Signals loss of ground contact. Practicle: Disconnecting and reconnecting in 3-seconds.  

With Goal Alert & Goal Secure you will:

  • Educate your community
  • Provide round-the-clock monitoring
  • Ensure a safe soccer environment
  • Prevent potential law suits

Watch this Goal Alert | Soccer Goal Safety Animation Watch the Goal Secure System
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