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Goal Safety

Do you own a Pevo Channel Goal?
How many of you have been using the LockIt Net Fasteners which have at times popped out of the Channel or broken during play on the Pevo Channel Goals?
The G4S Channel Clip Net Fastener which is Bigger, Thicker, Stronger & More Secure

Always Keeping Your Soccer Net Attached to the Goal
Goals 4 Sports is a leading distributor of the Pevo Soccer Goals. The Pevo Channel Soccer Goals are one of the best; if not the best goals on the market today.
As Goals 4 Sports sells so many of the Pevo Goals, we have been listening to the feedback from our customers. Many have been disappointed with the LockIt Net Fasteners for the Channel Goals, stating that they were not as tight fitting as they would have liked. The LockIt Net Fasteners would at times pop-out or even break during games and practices. With this feedback we decided to do something to solve the problem.
Goals 4 Sports decided in 2009 that we would design and manufacture a new channel clip specifically designed for the Pevo Channel Goals. The New Design has been named the G4S Channel Clip Net Fastener.
The new G4S Channel Clip Net Fastener design has been tested on many Pevo Channel Goals and we are very pleased with the results. It fits into the Pevo Channel more securely and will not slide along the channel or pop-out of the channel during play. The G4S Channel Clip Net Fastener has been approved by Pevo Sports and will now be the official Channel clip net fastener moving forward for the following Pevo Soccer Goals: World Cup Soccer Goals, Supreme Soccer Goals, Channel Soccer Goals and the Channel Park Soccer Goals.
Previous customers are ordering the New G4S Channel Clip Net Fasteners and they are already flying out the door.
Visit http://www.goals4sports.com/channel_clip_net_fasteners to make a purchase or view a video of them being installed.

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