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Ankle Resistance Bands

Ankle Resistance Bands
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Goals 4 Sports offers the Ankle Resistance Bands also known as Ankle Speed Bands.The G4S Ankle speed bands are resistance bands that attach to your ankles via padded, velcro straps. The bands limit your gait, forcing you to walk, run, jump or shuffle against resistance, thus working specific muscle groups. The G4S Ankle speed bands are superb for improving strength in the upper legs and hips; important areas for soccer players. Speed band use can increase strength and agility, as well as potentially reduce risk of joint injury.

Caution Please Note:
Just like any new exercise, consult a doctor or a personal trainer for proper use and form of ankle resistance bands. Improper use of this equipment can result in injury. Ankle resistance bands may take some time to get used to, as your legs are literally attached to each other. Players should begin all exercises slowly until the exercise can be done without risk of falling or tangling in the band. Strength training is not meant for everyday, as your body's muscles need adequate rest to repair. Use speed bands two to three times per week, with rest days in between.

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