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Ice20 - Complete Body Therapy

ICE20 Ice Therapy Bags

Goals 4 Sports is proud to offer the Full Line of ICE20 Ice Therapy Bags to help with all those Aches & Pains throughout your body.

Studies have shown that Ice Compression & Elevation is the best remedy for reducing pain and swelling of Muscle Strains and Joint Pains.

Any Doctor, Therapist, Coach or Athlete will also inform you that 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off is the Fastest Way to Recovery and that using real ice verses those small throw-away gel ice packs is much better for any injury.

Each of the ICE Therapy Wraps available are Mobile, Stable, Simple, & Efficient.
For more detailed information on each of the Available ICE 20 Products, please click onto any of the following or the photos seen below: 9" Ice Bag - 11" Ice Bag - Elbow/Small Knee - Ankle - Back & Hip - Single Shoulder - Double Shoulder - Single Knee - Double Knee - Neck & Upper Shoulders - Combo Arm & Shoulder

Category Products

ICE20 - 9" Ice BagICE20 - 9" Ice Bag
ICE20 - 11" Ice BagICE20 - 11" Ice Bag
ICE20 Elbow/Small Knee Compression WrapICE20 Elbow/Small Knee Compression Wrap
ICE20 Ankle Compression WrapICE20 Ankle Compression Wrap
ICE20 Back-Hip Ice Therapy Compression WrapICE20 Back-Hip Ice Therapy Compression Wrap
ICE20 Single Shoulder Compression WrapICE20 Single Shoulder Compression Wrap
ICE20 Single Knee Compression WrapICE20 Single Knee Compression Wrap
ICE20 Double Shoulder Compression WrapICE20 Double Shoulder Compression Wrap
ICE20 Double Knee Compression WrapICE20 Double Knee Compression Wrap
ICE20 Neck & Upper Soulder Compression WrapICE20 Neck & Upper Soulder Compression Wrap
ICE20 Combo Arm Ice Therapy Compression WrapICE20 Combo Arm Ice Therapy Compression Wrap
ICE20 Double BreastICE20 Double Breast
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