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Big League Portable Batting Cage

Big League Portable Batting Cage
Optional Tow Hitch Conversion KItOversized Pneumatic WheelsCoaches Observation Stands & Rear Wheel Handle
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Goals 4 Sports is proud to offer the Big League Portable Batting Cage by Jaypro. This Big League Portable Batting Cage is the best quality you can buy on the market, whether you are a school, college, university or professional team. 

Practicing your hitting is crucial to the game of baseball and this professional batting cage is engineered to help the batters get the most out of every practice.

The Big League Portable Batting Cage backstops are MADE in the USA by Jaypro and constructed out of two-inch heavy wall aluminum tubing while the net is composed of #42 climatized knotless nylon. On top of it all, a heavy vinyl coated nylon skirt shields the metal frame giving the pitcher a pleasing visual to reduce distraction. A rear net baffle absorbs most of the wear and tear on the net and skirt.

Review our Comparison against the leading competitior listed below.

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Big League Portable Batting Cage vs The Leading Competitiors
Assembly Time: All welded construction and pre- assembled side frames, the assembly time takes 2 people 4 hours. • (20) through bolt connections instead of Allen wrench set screws Competition: With 2 people it takes 2-3 times longer to assemble due to (32) fittings that need to be placed and individually tightened with an Allen wrench. • (16) locking rings are also included to hold pipes and wheels together
Fittings: All (20) through bolts have locking nuts to keep them tight and in place. Does not require constant maintenance for tightening Competition: Each joint has a fitting with (2) Allen set screws that need to be tightened. These screws will fail and loosen over time and need constant tightening to keep the cage strong and safe.
Rear Wheel Assembly: Rear wheel assembly is factory welded and designed with set positions for easy and minimal assembly time Competition: The design of the rear wheel assembly is made of many pieces. It is problem- atic and extremely difficult for 2 people to assemble. Furthermore, the assembly instructions do not adequately explain how it all fits together.
Coaches Stand: The coaches stand is securely bolted to the unit, and easily folds to the down position Competition: The coaches stand is not securely bolted in place. It can be easily stolen by separating it from the unit with a simple upwards lift.
Net Attachment: The strongest part of the net is the reinforced seams. These seams attach directly to the arched poles. • The baffle comes attached to the net. Competition: The net does not attach completely to the frame. The upper arched poles attach to only a section of the net, and not to a reinforced seam. • The baffle does not come attached to the net.
Net Accessories: Nylon twine is used to attach the net. Nylon is easy to knot because it is not slippery Competition: Plastic twine is used to attach the net. Plastic is not easy to work with because it is slippery
Vinyl Skirt: The skirt fits in-between the top and bottom of the back frame. This creates a perfect fit and keeps the vinyl from dragging on the ground. Competition: The skirt does not fit between the top and bottom of the back frame because it is oversized. It has to be wrapped around the top and bottom frame for a correct fit so it doesn’t drag on the ground
Wheels: High quality wide tires. • Grease fittings for easy installation. • Tire frame is all welded Competition: Lower quality thinner tires (wheelbarrow tires used on some). • No grease fittings make for a difficult installation. • The frame is not welded and requires fittings. • Frame is difficult to assemble
Cage Frame: Frame is durable welded pole pieces connected by (20) through bolts. • This type of construction creates strength, rigidity and a longer product life span Competition: Frame is many pole pieces connected by (80) Allen screws, (32) fittings and (16) locking rings. • This type of construction severely impacts strength, rigidity and product life
Features Benefits
Construction 2” Heavy-Duty Schedule 40 Aluminum Tube
Netting #42 Black Climatized Nylon Net with Rear Net Baffle
Padding 4’ x 6’ x 4” Thick Thud Pad, Vinyl Skirt and Standard Black Ricochet Tape on all Overhead Framing
Observation Stand Dual Coach Stands with Leaning Bar also serves as a Convenient Strut Holder
Wheel Assemblies Oversized 18” dia x 8”W Pneumatic Side Wheels, Rear Wheel Handle can be lifted or lowered to move cage
Open Inside Dimensions: 18’W x 12’H x 22’D
Folded Outer Dimensions: 20’W x 6’H x 15’D
Optional Feature Tow Hitch (BL-TOWKIT) sold separately
Optional Feature Ricochet Padding Upgrade Kit (RPAD-UKITXX)
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